From suicidal to imaginative thinking moving forward with a healthy mind

Tilly Dunn

Born March 5, 1945 in the Netherlands to Dr. and Mrs. H.L. van Vierssen Trip, Tilly Dunn, the youngest of six children, migrated to Canada in 1951, six years later. In 1956, at the age of just eleven, she started fifty-one years of suicidal thinking in waves after her first failed suicide attempt. In 1970, insult was added to injury with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Here in this book you’ll discover the exact set of tools and strategies Tilly used to finally break free from the grip of antipsychotic medications after taking them faithfully for forty-two years. Since January 2012, she has happily moved forward without these medications. Her suicidal thinking stopped abruptly in November 2007 after successful laser spine surgery. Be open to using her tools toward recovery. Her wish is that you benefit from her experience.

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