From suicidal to imaginative thinking moving forward with a healthy mind

Exit Stage Left

Tilly Dunn

The author takes you from the marvelous memories of her early childhood to the realities that she faced during the years that followed. From the ages of eleven to sixty-two, for fifty-one years, she fought waves of suicidal thinking to come out on top.

While six months pregnant with her first child, she was hospitalized for a pain that kept her awake for seven consecutive days and nights. A diagnosis of bipolar disorder (mania) followed. Finally, after forty-two years, she triumphantly overcame her psychosis. She tells you her inside story and the tools she discovered to conquer all her challenges. Her life of joy and purpose is what she wants to share with you today.


There are many people who have a huge strength of spirit. When time is spent in the company of these people, their great awareness may increase your sense of joy.

Accept the physical and mental health issues of those you love and show empathy for what they experience.

Be non-judgmental. We are all equal in the eyes of our Creator. We all have the capacity to love and be loved.

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