Negativity and negative thoughts can have an adverse effect on our well-being. When we have negative thoughts, they are converted into negative manifestations such as aggression, depression, inappropriate behavior, self-harm and many other stressors. There are many different sources of stress and negativity around us. They can be other people, unfortunate events and natural disasters. Through all of these there is a way to overcome negativity and negative thoughts, and that is through positive and happy thoughts. Positivity is a very valuable emotional and mental tool we can use in times of adversity and distress.

Although it is common knowledge that we counter something negative, such as negative thoughts, with something positive like positive thoughts, doing so can be easier said than done. Negative thoughts are a natural occurrence and process in us humans. Negative thoughts and negativity are our brain’s immediate reaction and coping mechanism to negative happenings and occurrences. Because this is a natural reaction, it should be temporary and must come to pass in order for us to move on from our predicament and get over our stressors. When we dwell too long on negative thoughts and prevent our negativity from coming to pass, we encounter problems in our emotional and mental stability. Emotional, behavioral and psychological problems stem from unresolved negative thoughts that are being fed by being frequent exposure to stressors and unpleasant stimuli that remind us of these past negative situations. A daily focus on mindset change is very doable. If I can do it, so can you.

Happy thoughts and positivity are key factors in countering negativity and negative thoughts. Some people may be capable of bringing about happy thoughts on their own while others may need help from professionals, peer personal support groups, and trusted friends to increase inducing happy thoughts. Our family and trusted friends are our personal support groups and they are crucial in helping us handle our negative thoughts. When our problems and difficulties are too much for us to handle, they can be there to help us and give us useful advice which can guide us to constructive and positive solutions for our problems and avoid the path of negativity due to unresolved negative thoughts. Before we take steps to counteract our negative thoughts, we first need to accept and acknowledge that we are having a problem within ourselves. Denial can sometimes be a hindrance to resolving our problems, including negative thoughts, because we let ourselves and others believe that we are alright, when actually we aren’t.

Perhaps the best way to counteract and erase the negativity and negative thoughts within us is through prayer. A solemn prayer to God seeking His guidance and help in our predicament can be a powerful and effective reliever of negative thoughts. Prayer does not always need to be serious in tone and thought. We can recall pleasant and happy memories while in prayer. Also, there is no definite format to how a prayer should be performed. We can be conversational and yet be solemn and sincere at the same. What matters is that we bare our hearts when we pray, for God knows what our heart desires. If we truly desire overcoming our negative thoughts in our prayer, God will hear it and will make a way for us. I credit my personal relationship with God for my recovery. Trust God. The voice of God may just simply be a thought that comes to your mind, nothing more, nothing fancy. And God likes it when you speak aloud with Him or Her. You may call God Allah or Jehovah or Gaia or the Universe or Lord or the Almighty. He is the same with whatever name you give. Let no one say that you are not allowed to be an atheist or a pagan or on agnostic. Only God is our judge, no human. But look again at the Ten Commandments and follow them. This World that is rapidly becoming ONE will benefit from self discipline, self love, self forgiveness and a desire for creative follow through.

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